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lose weight

I approach weight loss from a physiological and psychological point of view. I look at what is happening within your body that could be preventing you from losing weight, and work with you to rectify those issues. I also explore potential psychological barriers stopping you from achieving your weight loss goal. You will learn life-long strategies to lose the weight and easily keep it off without counting calories or points.

improve your mood

We are all meant to be happy and healthy beings. I want you to be happy and enjoy life, not simply have the absence of depression or other mood issues. I will determine if you have physiological deficiencies creating your mood issues, and treat the root of the problem instead of treating the symptoms. I assist you in creating a solid foundation upon which you can implement new thought patterns and life skills.

stop comfort eating

Many people eat their emotions. That is, they eat when they are bored, sad, stressed, etc. The problem is that eating then becomes a crutch and we do not adequately deal with our emotions. I determine the physiological reasons behind your seeking reward, comfort, or numbing from food, and assist you in creating strategies to correct them. Together we will create a game plan that kick this habit to the curb.

increase your energy

Energy is a vital component to our physical and mental health. I explore potential roadblocks to your energy and guide you in taking the necessary steps to improve your vitality. My goal is to have you wake feeling refreshed and ready to start the day, and to maintain that energy throughout the day. I want you to have the energy to play with your kids, chat with your partner, workout, or whatever it is you desire.

meet me

Jen addresses health and wellness from a holistic approach. She is passionate about nutrition and how it impacts physical and mental health, and looks at how psychological symptoms can manifest due to a physiological deficiency.

what i do

If you want to make positive changes to your health and wellness, then Wellness Coaching is for you. It helps you become the best version of yourself by educating, supporting, and assisting you with the healthy behavior skills that foster wellness.

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